Social media, or any electronic information, may contain impactful evidence. To identify and use that evidence, an attorney must understand frequently-changing social media technology, new case law and updated ethical requirements. Scott brings these disciplines together to find and maximize the impact of social media or electronic information in your case.

Locating Party & Witness Information

Creating Discovery &

Claim Strategies

Maximizing the Value of Evidence

• Survey clients and witnesses regarding social media and other electronic services used.

• Work with your clients to accurately assess their social media and electronic evidence footprints.

• Perform detailed searches for client and witness information available without the need for formal discovery.

• Identify key potential evidence early in the discovery process. 

• Research an expert witness' background, prior opinions and online statements.

• Create a discovery strategy that fits your case and your needs. Services include:

     o Framing discovery activities to      

        reduce motion practice and

        potential in camera reviews of

        social media.

     o Responding to or creating discovery        

     o Advising attorneys regarding using

        social media and electronic

        information at depositions.

     o Consulting on challenges such as

        preservation, third-party subpoenas,         privacy rights, etc.

• Suggest potential additional claims (such as spoliation, sanctions, contract breach or statutory violations) arising from party use of social media or electronic information.

• Provide guidance on methods to authenticate key social media and electronic evidence during the discovery process. 

• Consult attorneys on overcoming (or raising) evidentiary challenges to social media and electronic evidence at trial.

• Assist with impeachment of lay and expert witnesses via social media and electronic information.

• Advise attorneys on maximizing the persuasiveness of social media information in presentations, negotiations, motions and at trial.

• Perform legal research into law regarding social media and electronic information.

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